‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: The Wicked Flee

The thing is, we know Gus is going to live, and that creates a conundrum for the writers of “Better Call Saul” this season. Since Gus is a main character in “Breaking Bad” and Lalo isn’t – OK, he’s mentioned once by Saul in this series, which leaves some narrative leeway – Gus’ survival, at least until the end of this series, is assured. That is to say, the degree of difficulty faced by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and all the other writers on this show is very high. They bet that when a story is told well enough, it is full of suspense even if the final outcome seems known.

The success of this season therefore lies not so much in what will happen, but how. And already there are a lot of intrigues. Your Faithful Recapper is captivated by Mr. and Mrs. Ryman, as they are identified in the credits, Gus’ next-door neighbors, happy on their bikes and proficient at hand signals, played by real-life couple Kirk and Joni Bovill. There is a hidden tunnel between their homes, and the Rymans’ kitchen and living rooms are occupied by Gus’ underlings, some armed, others running a video screen installation. The Rymans seem to live in their basement, where they do puzzles when they’re not going out for a spin.

Who are these people? So far, the number of non-combatants aware of Gus’s double life is, let’s seeā€¦ uh, zero? At least at this point in the story. So, we have to assume the Rymans are on the payroll. But one of Gus’ video watchers calls Mrs. Ryman “ma’am” when he asks for iced tea, suggesting he doesn’t know her well. And the Rymans seem intimately familiar with the local homeowners association, implying that they are genuine, longtime members of the community.

What is certain is that when Gus moved into 1213 Jefferson St., he bought the house next to him, probably a just-in-case measure that now comes in handy.

While Gus worries, Jimmy and Kim continue Operation Cockamamie, which in this episode involves a brief getaway with Howard’s Jaguar while he sees his shrink. (The man has marital issues, we learn.) The plan involves a pantomime with the ever docile Wendy S. (Julia Minesci), who “Breaking Bad” fans will remember as the meth boss and prostitute. who helped Jesse with a crazy scheme. of its own. (She was supposed to deliver poisoned burgers to some particularly mean street vendors that Jesse wanted to kill in Season 3.)

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