Best race choices in Elder Scrolls Online

In Elder Scrolls Online, you can be any high-fiction fantasy character you want. Khajit is a thief, Bosmer does not abide by the Green Pact, or Argoni is afraid of water. However, regardless of your role-playing preferences, choosing your race carries actual statistical benefits, which can affect how skilled you are in your role. Many beginners ignore this, so here is a list of the best racing options in Elder Scrolls Online.

Before we get into it, understand that races don’t necessarily fit perfectly into certain classes. Instead, you should look at racial negativity as a guideline toward the role you should lean toward. For example, Altmer’s elemental passive items boost compensatory and weapon damage, but they also contain passive items that boost Magicka’s stats. Use elemental passive items to choose your role, rather than your class – Tank, Healer, Magicka DPS, Stamina DPS.

Here is a list of all the races, their downsides (at the top rank) and the most appropriate role for them:

Dates (High Elves – Magicka DPS / Healers)

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Proud and more than a little arrogant, the Altemir fight to establish their supremacy and dominance over others, as their Elf ancestors please. They excel like Magicka DPS or Healers.

  • ancient pedigree: Destroy Crew (+15% experience gain), general experience gain + 1%
  • Spell recharge: Activating the ability restores 625 Magicka or Stamina, depending on which is lower. It only happens once every 6 seconds. When you channel an ability, you take 5% less damage.
  • Bon Serapan: Magicka has been increased by 2000
  • racist talent: Increases weapon and spell damage by 258.

Argonian (Healers/Tanks)

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Argonines are masters of the swamp. Used to fight infringing forces, they tend to specialize in healing and resistance. As such, they should focus on being healers or tanks.

  • Amphibians: Restoration Crew (+15% EXP), Swimming Speed ​​+50%
  • Life Minder: Healing ability increased by 6%
  • argon resistance: Max Health +1000, resistance to diseases and toxins +2310
  • trick: Max Magica and Stamina +1000. Whenever you drink a potion, 3125 Health / Magicka / Stamina heals.

Breton (Healers/Magicka DPS)

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The Bretons were once enslaved by the Altmir, and so the blood of the elves still flowed through their veins, giving them increased magical abilities, allowing them to better function as either healers or Magicka DPS.

  • trimmer: Light Armor (+15% XP), Alliance Point + 1% Gain
  • Magnus gift: Max Magica +2000
  • spelling compatibility: Spell Resistance +2310, doubles to +4620 if you get burns, cold or concussion. Magica Recovery +130
  • Mastery MagicMagicka cost -7%

Bosmer (Stamina DPS)

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The Wood Elves of the Valenwood adhere to something known as the Green Pact, which mandates that no plant life be harmed in exchange for the forest god’s blessing. They defend their homes with agile reflexes and keen intuition, and are the most efficient like the Stamina DPS.

  • Acrobat: Bow (+15% EXP gain), Fall damage -10%
  • Fisherman’s eye: Stealth detection radius +3m, movement speed +5%, physical and spell penetration 950
  • Y’ffre Stamina: Stamina Restore +258
  • Hit Resistance: Max Stamina +2000, Disease & Poison Resistance +2310

Denmar (Stamina and Magicka DPS)

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The Dark Elves of Morrowind are known to be fearsome wizards, having used their innate magical talent to fend off invading Nords many times in the past. They excel in DPS roles for both Stamina and Magicka varieties.

  • Ashlander: Double use (+15% experience gain), Lava damage -50%
  • Dynamic: Max Magicka and Stamina +1910
  • Flame resistance: flame resistance +4620
  • Havoc: Weapon and Spell damage +258

Imperial (Tanks / DPS Durability)

Stop the criminal scum here, because this unique race can only be obtained via downloadable content. Imperial inert properties allow them to shine to the limit like tanks and DPS.

  • Diplomat: 1 hand and shield (+15% experience gain), +1% gold gain
  • Tough: Max Health +2000
  • Imperial Metal: Max Energy +2000
  • Red Diamond: Capacity Cost -6%

Khajit (Stamina and Magicka DPS)

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The Khajites are mighty prairie dwellers, and their culture revolves around the worship of the moons and the changes of their phases. The waning and polishing of the two moons is similar to their multi-faceted abilities like Stamina and Magicka DPS.

  • Cutpurse: Medium Armor (+15% experience gain), Pickpocket chance +5%
  • Durability: Health recovery +100, Stamina and Magica recovery +85
  • Moon Blessings: Max Health, Magica, Stamina +915
  • Cat’s Ambush: Critical Damage & Healing +12%, Detected Stealth: -3 meters

North (Tanks)

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Descending from the icy reaches of Skyrim, Nords are powerful and powerful fighting masters, quick to jump into conflict and drown out the pain with jugs of drink. Their nature allows them to specialize like tanks.

  • Reveler: 2 hands (+15% experience gain), brew duration +15 minutes
  • Frost Resistance: Max Health +1000, Frost Resistance +4620
  • Stalwart: Max Stamina + 1500 / Damage: +5 Ultimate (once every 10 seconds)
  • Rugged: Physical Resistance and Spell +2600

Orc (stamina DPS/Tanks)

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Adept warriors, valiant fighters, blacksmiths and unmatched armor, orcs are scary to encounter in combat. Their aggressive upbringing allows them to shine as a top choice for Stamina DPS and a solid choice for tanks.

  • Artisan: Heavy Armor (+15% EXP gain), Industry Inspiration +10%
  • Muscles: Max Energy +1000
  • Unwavering Rage: Max Health +1000, when dealing damage, heal 2,125 health (once every four seconds)
  • Fast Warrior: weapon and spell damage +258, enemy cost -12%, movement speed +10%

Redguards (Stamina DPS)

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The Red Guards are a Bedouin desert race descended from a lost land. They value honor in all its forms, and also harbor a hatred for magical entities, which allows them to shine like the Stamina DPS.

  • Wayfarer: 1 hand and shield (+15% experience gain), food duration +15 minutes
  • Military training: weapon ability cost -8%, decoy duration -15%
  • Conditioning: Max Stamina +2000
  • Adrenaline Rush: Stamina recovery 1005 on hit (once every five seconds)

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