Best Chain Restaurants in London – Arjun Deepak, Wilson’s School

The best cafe chain – Caffe Nero?
Caffe Nero is my favorite cafe, with better coffee than many independent cafes and fantastic quality produce despite being a chain. With a range of (somewhat) healthy meals, along with mouthwatering tostati melts and macaroni and cheese, Caffe Nero outshines rival cafes like Costa and Starbucks by keeping an Italian feel to the menu and arguably having the best pastries and candies of all. coffee shop. Although Nero is slightly more expensive than the other members of the ‘big three’ cafes, the atmosphere and independent cafe feel of most Nero manages to earn its place as the best cafe chain.

The Best Pastry Shops – Gail’s
This was a close call between Gail’s, Patisserie Valerie and Greggs, with Greggs offering quick, budget pastries, and the Patisserie offering French, boutique style pastries, but Gail’s with their fantastic range of savory and sweet breads surpassed both for delicious sourdough, bagels, burgers and more next to the best pastries outside of boutique bakeries. Plus, Gail’s and Nero both have something in common: staying true to their origins and heritage, with the chain’s original co-owner being from Tel Aviv, and making sure to keep Jewish delicacies nearby. This, combined with a great festive menu, makes Gail’s the best pastry shop in London.

The best fast food chain – Nando’s?
Despite being relatively cheap and having the staples of a fast food restaurant such as burgers, fries and fried chicken, Nando’s offers a more restaurant-like experience than KFC and McDonalds and also offers an iconic flavor to its food, with the PERI-PERI sauce is used in my house for practically everything from a dip for dumplings to a filling for halloumi wraps. And unlike Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which offers a more upscale alternative to places like Burger King, Nando’s still has low prices and a distinct flavor to its food. Overall, Nando’s is a casual restaurant that doesn’t feel tacky yet puts its own unique twist on fast food.

The best chain restaurants (Top 3) – ASK Italian, Dishoom, Megan’s
ASK Italian, Dishoom and Megan’s are my pick of the best chain restaurants in London, each for different reasons. The first is Megan’s, with ‘fancy kebab’ and a very Surrey twist on Turkish food. With mezze bowls, falafels and delicious halloumi fries, a fantastic brunch menu and a notoriously good cookie dough bake, Megan’s is sure to be an iconic high street staple, having just opened a new branch in Dulwich. Next up is Dishoom, with a mix of Persian and West Indian cuisines, with a Persian theme
breakfast menu complemented by some of the best masala chai in the country and Indian lunchtime staples such as naan and paneer. Dishoom also has a great atmosphere and brings the food traditions of Mumbai to London. Finally, ASK Italian, which takes Italian food and makes it even more luxurious, is my favorite Italian chain in London, for its rectangular pizzas, delicious arancini, and hauntingly delectable desserts like the Chocolate Etna and their tiramisu. It also has great lemonade, making it perfect for a long summer day.

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