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There are many factors to consider when choosing an adult diaper, including the following.

Close tab vs drag design

Zeldis says some adult diapers have tabs attached to the sides. A caregiver can place a tabbed diaper directly under the person wearing it, then tie the tabs. This style often works well for people who aren’t mobile, he says, because wearing them doesn’t require taking off the wearer’s pants.

Meanwhile, the underwear – as its name suggests – pulls on like regular underwear. It’s usually best for ambulatory patients, Zeldys says, because wearing them requires taking off the pants.

Size and fit

Zeldys says finding adult diapers that are the right size and fit is critical. Otherwise it is “almost worthless” and will cause a leak, he adds. Diapers with tabs are a little easier to fit because you can loosen or tighten them to fit anyone. He says pull-ups are more difficult to scale correctly, since they can’t be adjusted.

Absorption level

When it comes to the level of absorbency, some nappies are more absorbent than others, Zeldys says. There are generally four levels of absorption:

  • Mild: These nappies are best for seniors with minimal leakage.
  • Moderate: This level is best for those who experience significant leaks during most of the day.
  • heavy: This level is intended to help people with profuse urination or fecal incontinence.
  • Max / Overnight: These diapers are the heavier version and can be used effectively overnight.

support material

There are two main types of backing materials: fabric and plastic. Plastic-backed nappies are usually more absorbent, Zeldys says, but they may be less comfortable than cloth nappies.

odor removal

Some adult diapers have an internal odor control. Check the brand’s packaging to see what they offer. Many products use odor control technology that neutralizes the pH of the urine, Zeldes adds, which can help prevent strong odor.

Day and night use

Some nappies are for everyday use while others are absorbent enough to work well overnight. “Obviously, those at night are more absorbent because during the night, there is less control,” Zeldis says. It is noted that the more absorbent an adult diaper is, the more expensive the product will be.

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