Berks County presents electronic poll books ahead of May 17 primary | Berks Regional News

BERN TWP., Pa. – Gone is the pen, here comes the stylus.

Ahead of the May 17 primary, Berks County election officials are showing how voters will use the new electronic ballot books.

“We did a pilot with him in the fall election,” said Berks County public relations officer Stephanie Weaver. “We had about five constituencies which all went well, so we are now rolling it out to all 202 constituencies.”

If you’re the voter, you don’t have to do much: when you show up, you ask the poll workers to scan your license or enter your name, and the computer will find you. They will return the tablet for you to sign, just like you would a traditional ballot book.

“They will be able to sign with their finger or a stylus,” Weaver said.

Once this has been verified, let’s go to make your voice heard in the voting booth.

Berks Co. Voting Books

“It’s a secure system,” Weaver said. “These are not connected to the internet in any way.”

The county says that if you go to the wrong precinct or have already received an absentee ballot, you can receive a provisional ballot on the spot. The county says poll workers have been trained in the use of the machines, which it says have been well received.

“He has all the same processes in place that we had before,” Weaver said. “It’s just that you’ll be signing a screen instead of signing a poll book itself.”

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