Barangaroo foreshore nears completion as developers urge government not to give in to ‘CBD NIMBYs’

There is no affordable housing project in Central Barangaroo. Aqualand says it provides public benefits in other forms, such as Harbor Park and The Cutaway redevelopment, and affordable housing (2.3% of gross residential floor area) is delivered in Barangaroo South . Project director Rod McCoy said Aqualand’s total contribution to public benefits at Central Barangaroo exceeded $285 million.

Turnbull said Barangaroo Metro Station – not considered in 2007 when the original planning controls were settled – offered an opportunity to help address the housing shortage in the state.

“The state government is making the biggest transport infrastructure investment in Sydney’s history with the Metro,” she said. “This creates a huge opportunity to connect people across the city and locate housing near metro stations – especially affordable housing, of which there is a huge shortage.”

The Urban Task Force, which represents developers, told the government the Aqualand plan was “a logical final piece of Barangaroo’s vision” and urged Planning Minister Anthony Roberts to approve the amended plans, known as Modification 9.

In a bid obtained by the HeraldUrban Taskforce chief executive Tom Forrest wrote: ‘It is essential that the government supports Infrastructure NSW and does not allow a group of well-funded CBD NIMBYs [to] blocking billions of dollars of investment in public infrastructure through an organized campaign of localized opposition to this change.


Forrest said the same people who opposed the development of Central Park on the site of the former Carlton United brewery in Chippendale “are now taking every opportunity to obstruct the government’s realization of value here in Barangaroo” and “we must resist”.

“Many opponents of the project were also opposed to the creation of the Barangaroo Reserve, the delivery of which proved to be a masterstroke and the culmination of the entire compound,” Forrest said.

“Barangaroo is a place that can be enjoyed by all Sydneysiders, not just those who have the advantage of living in former council housing at Millers Point.”

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