Baldwin, Crowley Tower Milwaukee County Mental Health Emergency Center

With shiny new floors and gleaming windows, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley toured the newly minted, albeit empty Milwaukee County Mental Health Emergency Center on Friday.

The tour was set as a soft launch of the new 24/7 crisis center that would admit both involuntary and voluntary adult and child patients requiring mental health assessments, treatment, stabilization as well as transitional care.

The new facility — located west of the I-43 at 1525 N. 12th St. in the city’s King Park neighborhood — is scheduled to open in September 2022, replacing the Behavioral Health Division’s outdated and costly Mental Health Complex in Wauwatosa.

Built in the 1970s, the Wauwatosa site has long been criticized as being an underfunded, understaffed and an overwhelmed hospital that for years struggled with unsafe conditions for patients as well as for nurses and other workers.

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