Bahamas shark attack: 8-year-old British boy brought to safety after being bitten while on holiday | New

An eight-year-old British boy was mauled by sharks while on a family vacation in the Bahamas.

Finley Downer was brought to safety by his sister after being bitten by at least three nurse sharks. He sustained leg injuries and was transported in a golf cart to the nearest clinic.

Finley’s father, Michael Downer, 44, said: “My son could have been killed. It was like a scene from Jaws.”

Downer, a sales manager, and his children – Lily, 9, and Emily, 12, along with Finley – were on a five-island trip that included a guided swim with nurse sharks, iguanas and piggies at Compass Cay . Later in the visit, on a nearby island, they spotted sharks in a lagoon among a

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