Auto-renew means you don’t have to renew library materials

Lackawanna County librarians try to take some of the stress out of checking out a book.

SCRANTON, Dad. – Good news for readers who like to take the time to dig into a good book: Lackawanna County libraries no longer need to renew to keep your books, movies, or games a little longer.

It’s called Auto-Renew and it’s part of an effort to attract more library visitors by removing one of the annoying aspects of borrowing a book.

As long as the library has current contact information, customers will receive an email or text message when their automatic renewal is complete.

“It takes a lot—remembering to renew, calling or texting or going online—it’s just more convenient to have it do it automatically for you,” says Jess Serrenti of the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton.

But what does Auto-Renew mean for that dreaded late payment from the library?

Scott Thomas, CEO of the Albright Memorial Library in downtown Scranton, says late fees will soon be gone for good.

“Many libraries, many of us, believe that late fees are a barrier to service delivery. And the people who need us most are the people who can’t afford to pay them,” Thomas said.

The Lackawanna County Library System has had discussions about following the big wigs like the New York Public Library and doing away with all late fees.

“Is this the first step in that direction? I can’t say for sure, but it’s going a bit in that direction, yes.”

There are some exceptions to the Auto-Renew program, including waitlisted books and movies, but most library items are eligible.

Auto-Renew extends to the Scranton Children’s Library and all libraries in Lackawanna County. It will take effect on February 1.

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