‘Atrocious decision’: Vancouver tech company announces layoffs

A Vancouver technology company has announced major layoffs.

Unbounce, a technology company headquartered in downtown Vancouver, has laid off 20% of its staff, representing 47 employees.

An Unbounce memo shared with Daily Hive suggests the move is “restructuring and downsizing”.

Canadian software company produces landing pages for websites. It also hosts the annual Call to Action conference.

Unbounce CEO Felicia Bochicchio said the decision wasn’t easy.

“We have made the excruciating decision to reduce our workforce by 47 people, or 20% of our business.”

This very difficult decision was also the right decision for the future of Unbounce. We are losing a talented and hardworking group of people who are not only our teammates but also our friends,” she said.

“I I am extremely grateful to those leaving today, for making Unbounce a great place to work and for helping our customers grow their businesses smarter and faster.

In terms of why the layoff took place, it seems the economy was to blame.

Given some of the headwinds we have experienced this year, including the current economic environment, we have had to make adjustments to our business and invest with more discipline and focus. This very difficult decision was also the right decision for the future of Unbounce.

Many former Unbounce employees have taken to LinkedIn to share their feelings about the layoffs at the growing Vancouver tech company. An employee said he was heartbroken.

In six months, we grew our offer from one to 30 applications, established partnerships and our team was on the verge of releasing the SDK to developers. I know apps have had a huge impact on our customers and their page building experience. I regret that this trip is cut short and I will not have the opportunity to finish what we started.

Another shared how impactful the experience working at Unbounce has been.

“I I had just graduated from a Coding Bootcamp and was at the start of my tech journey. Unbounce saw the potential in me and gave me an opportunity that would truly change my life.

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