Assembly Label launches Re-Worn, a second-hand clothing capsule collection with 50% off prices

Do you remember that jacket you wanted to buy that was sold out before you took care of it? What if you could buy it for 50% off the original price and contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable?

This is the meaning of Re-Worn, an Assembly Label initiative designed to extend the life of its garments and contribute to a circular economy.

The take-back program allows customers to return “lightly used” garments which are then washed and, if necessary, repaired, before being resold at a reduced price. The limited capsule collection is made up of basics such as t-shirts, linen pieces, denim and sweaters from previous seasons.

Aiming to reduce landfills and allow customers to rediscover timeless pieces from previous collections, Re-Worn launched at Assembly Label’s Fitzroy store in Melbourne last November, with plans to roll it out to other locations. stores across the country this year. From fall 2022, the Australian clothing brand is also releasing the Re-Worn capsule collection.

“We felt it was the next natural step for our business to be part of a circular economy, and early feedback has been so positive that we’re excited to see where it takes us in 2022,” says Billie Iveson, creative director of Assembly Label. . “Re-Worn in our Fitzroy store was a test to see if it could become entrenched in our daily operations, and we sold 70% of the collection in the first two weeks.”

Anything deemed irreparable under the program is recycled by Assembly Label’s recycling partner, SCR Group, who collect and sort the items, then donate those suitable for charity. What cannot be reused in Australia is sent to SCR Group’s partner factory in Malaysia, to be distributed to communities in need, recycled into rags or converted into biofuels.

“Re-Worn was inspired by a trip overseas where we witnessed incredible circular practices and resource recovery work being implemented,” says Iveson. “It helps reduce market demand to manufacture new garments, reduces the carbon footprint of our operations and helps us achieve our goal of no Assembly Label garments ending up in landfill.”

The scheme – which is cutting clothing prices by an average of 50% – is part of a larger sustainability push by Assembly Label. The company, which was born in Sydney in 2011, aims to achieve a transparent supply chain and B Corp status very soon, and last year launched the How We Work initiative to give consumers greater insight of its business practices, suppliers and materials.

“We understand that there is always more to do and we often criticize ourselves, but as a company we are embracing the early creation of circular practices, keeping our heads down and moving forward,” says Iveson. .

The Fitzroy store is located at 243 Brunswick Street.
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