Art: A Stress Reliever That Also Helps Express Yourself

In the 21st century, teens have shown stress rates that were so high that they brought with them severe signs of depression and anxiety. One of the few ways teens have tried to relax is by expressing themselves through art and being able to do whatever they want.

Art has been diverse and has many different forms involving creativity, freedom to express yourself in any way you can and given that there is no general definition for what art means that people can draw anything and express themselves in any way. express and it would still be considered art. Today, the technique of art in therapy is used as a form of relaxation, making many teens feel relaxed and able to express themselves in a much more genuine way.

Students who create art for their GCSEs and A-Levels have also said, “Art is one of the few ways an individual can express themselves the most”. The students contribute some of their lessons on how to help their friends and family who go through a lot of stress by helping them relax and calm down. Schools try to force their art departments to teach their students how to help their loved ones while raising awareness of stress and how it affects the human mind.

There are now art clubs and sessions all over London that not only help those trying to relieve stress but also turn it into a hobby for people so they can grow the overtime into a skill they are adept at.

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