Apple Fitness + has launched a postpartum workout program

Apple Fitness+ has launched a new workout program designed specifically for new moms. Called Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby, it’s designed to take the guesswork out of postpartum exercise. (Related: How to Easily Get Back to Your Fitness Routine With Postpartum Workouts)

The new program is available on the Apple Fitness+ app on the Apple Watch on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and it includes mindful core, strength and recovery workouts. Core workouts focus on breathing, gentle movement, and pelvic floor work, which is important during and after pregnancy. “A strong pelvic floor helps prevent incontinence and improves your core stability,” said Rachel Nicks, doula, certified personal trainer and founder of Birth Queen, a philanthropic organization that supports Black mothers. Form.

The program’s strength workouts include sessions for the upper, lower, and full body, and each requires a dumbbell or no equipment. Finally, during mindful recoveries, you can expect stretches and meditations suitable for new parents, covering topics such as patience and self-care.

The series features Fitness+ trainer and new mom, Betina Gozo, who you might recognize. She also led the app’s Staying Active While Pregnant program, which launched last year and was filmed when Gozo was pregnant. The new program features two other Fitness+ trainers and moms, Marimba Gold-Watts and Jonelle Lewis, alongside Gozo to demonstrate modifications for users based on activity and energy levels.


Workouts last just 10 minutes and are easy to pause and resume as needed, two features any new mom can appreciate. The bite-sized clips are ideal for squeezing in a quick exercise session whenever you have the time, and you can do one at a time or stack multiple workouts together for a longer session.

Although you should contact your healthcare provider before starting a new exercise program, especially after having a baby, Apple Fitness+ has worked with experts to ensure the new program is safe and effective. He collaborated with Apple’s healthcare team, which includes obstetricians, cardiologists, physiotherapists and other specialists.

To access the program, you must subscribe to Apple Fitness+. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for $10 a month, with one month free if you have an Apple Watch. Or, you might be able to take advantage of a parent’s subscription, as Apple allows users to share their accounts with up to five family members. If you were hoping to easily regain your fitness after having a baby, the app’s new workouts were created with you in mind.

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