Apartments for homeless, crisis triage, recovery centers among legacy

Joe Roszak, 63, joined Kitsap Mental Health Services when the great recession just started in 2008.

He remembered how difficult the time was — coming in as a new chief executive officer and having to close programs, lay off staff and shut down office operations. It wasn’t a situation he would wish on anyone, he said.

But the team of KMHS, during Roszak’s tenure, managed to keep the agency’s mission afloat and have survived quite some other challenges since then, including the global pandemic, Roszak said.

Now, after 14 years, Roszak announced his retirement from the agency, which has become financially stable and well-positioned for a transition to a new CEO, Roszak said.

“We’re quite solid right now,” Roszak said. “I think it’s a good time for me to step back and let someone else take the reins,” Roszak told the KMHS board of directors.

Roszak’s retirement will be effective on July 5.

‘Team KMHS’

Looking back, Roszak said that every time the agency has been successful or made a major accomplishment, it was a reflection of the KMHS team working collaboratively with lots of other people.

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