Andrew Kenton’s weight loss journey in pictures

Andrew Kenton is known as a minor villain in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. However, the American daycare worker deserves praise for her weight loss.

Andrew Kenton is a former 90 day fiance actor who might be best known for his online drama, but the American man has also had a commendable weight loss journey. Andrew appeared on 90 day fiance season 9 alongside his now ex-girlfriend, Amira Lollysa. Since appearing in the franchise, Andrew has slimmed down considerably.

Andrew and Amira aired a dramatic relationship which saw the duo unable to meet in person as the 90 day fiance the cameras were rolling. Amira was memorably detained in Mexico while trying to meet Andrew, before deciding she didn’t want to try meeting him again overseas due to travel worries. The couple went their separate ways, although an angry Andrew later lambasted Amira online, accusing her of using her to gain internet weight. This led viewers to criticize Andrew for his attack on his ex.


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While Andrew was criticized by viewers for the way he called Amira after 90 day fiance, he made many positive changes in his personal life. When Andrew appeared on 90 day fiance, he was at a higher weight. He has since managed to lose weight, in part through frequent workouts. His fitness journey has given him a leaner physique with better muscle definition. Andrew shared his healthier lifestyle with his followers and seems to be a lot happier than he was when he was dating Amira.

Andrew’s appearance on reality TV

Andrew Kenton in 90 Day Fiance 10

When he appeared on 90 day fiance, Andrew had a higher weight. Her body lacked definition and her face was considerably rounder. Andrew often chose to wear dark, loose clothing that disguised his body. He has since changed many aspects of his physical appearance. However, her signature long hair remains a consistent part of her style.

Andrew slims

andrew kenton weight loss 90 day fiancé 1 CROPPED

at Andrew’s 90 day fiance The franchise’s weight loss was apparent in a full-body picture he shared with his followers last August. He unveiled a new look to his fans, which showed that he was considerably leaner, with a less rounded face. Since his weight loss, Andrew has also opted for more form-fitting clothes and brighter colors. The American wore a bright pink polo shirt which showed off his slimmer figure.

Andrew builds muscle

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While Andrew slimmed down through a healthier lifestyle, he also turned to weight training to build muscle. Andrew showed off his triceps in an Instagram photo. The photo revealed how much thinner her face has become since her weight loss. Andrew shared with his followers that he chose to lose weight and get fitter after 90 day fiance only for himself.

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