An electrifying new festival is coming to Melbourne


Marking Melbourne’s first international music festival in over two years, RISING’s music program spans the globe from Japan to Switzerland, South London to Saskatchewan with a 12-night takeover of Forum Melbourne and Max Watt’s. The first two nights of the festival begin with Sampa the Great A future afro, which sees the visionary rapper return from Zambia with a new group of live musicians, to develop her 2019 ARIA Award-winning album, The return.

The visionary Sampa le Grand, winner of the ARIA prize, will kick off the festival.Credit:Sampa the Great

Don’t miss co-headliners CHAI and Buffalo Daughter as part of RISING’s Japan in Focus programming strand – a pair of innovators and instigators straight from Japan.


Aussie Rules football is deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Victoria, and a new work by artists Luke George and Daniel Kok literally proves it. Still Lives: Melbourne, free from the National Gallery of Victoria, sees the state’s favorite game immortalized in an entirely new way. Tied up by ropes and suspended above the Great Hall of the NGV, five football players will be transformed into living sculptures, recreating a spectacular mark of football history.

Gregory Lorenzutti and Luke George as living statues in Still Lives.

Gregory Lorenzutti and Luke George as living statues in Still Lives.Credit:RISING

Meanwhile, all-ages variety show Fart Fabulous promises a dose of high-energy entertainment with a comedic twist on body positivity. A “farty party” for the whole family, this bonanza of genres uses circus, drag, dance, visual arts and live music to remind us that bodies have folds, make noises and come in all sizes, forms and genres. On view at the National Theater Melbourne from Thursday June 2 to Saturday June 4.


From June 1-12, Golden Square merges art, empire, identity and spirituality in the unlikely setting of a Chinatown multi-level parking lot. Grab a drink at one of the many pop-up bars and navigate the three levels of sensory art, live performances and video projections, culminating in a bustling rooftop that doubles as an unofficial artist bar for festival performers .

Transformative Space sees artists such as Paul Yore, Su Hui Yu, Scotty So, Tabita Rezaire, Jason Phu and Atong Atem delve deep into the intersections of ritual, mythology and spirituality across cultures and global time periods , from pre-colonial Africa to ancient Greece. .

The Carré d'Or merges art, empire, identity and spirituality.

The Carré d’Or merges art, empire, identity and spirituality.Credit:Nick Buckley

Be careful with Parade for the Moon, a twice-a-night procession featuring costumed spirits, dragons and other wild creatures of the night storms the venue to worship the moon in a grand display of drumming, dancing and roller skating. Golden Square is open from 5 p.m. until late, Wednesday through Sunday, June 1 through June 12, with reservations available online.

RISING takes place June 1-12, 2022. After a long period of rest and reflection, Melbourne invites us to step out of the comfortable confines of our homes and explore the myriad cultural offerings this glorious city has to offer. to offer. . For timetables, tickets and more information, go to RISING website.

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