American Idol 2022: Top 10 Artists Perform ‘Disney Night’ Classics

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — “American Idol” is in the top seven after Sunday night’s show featuring the traditional “Disney Night.”

Judge Katy Perry caused a stir when she posed as the Little Mermaid for Disney’s night at American Idol. She seemed a bit scared by the naughty song that Nicolina sang in this movie.

After the show, Perry was taken to the press line and singled out this performance.

“She used it all, showmanship, worked the stage, the costumes, the lights, you know, the smoke, the hair and makeup, a little acting,” Perry said. “I mean, it’s Disney Night. It’s not supposed to be that serious. Look at me !

Nicolina is now in the top seven along with Noah Thompson, Jay Copeland, Leah Marlene, Christian Guardino, Fritz Hager and Huntergirl, whom Luke Bryan called radio gold and whom Katy thinks can take it all.

“I don’t know how to fix my hair for nothing or fix my makeup, and so coming here and everyone taking such good care of me, you know, it’s just a great experience,” Huntergirl said.

“The final moments of this come down to who the total entertainer is going to be,” American Idol judge Lionel Richie said.

The three eliminated candidates: Lady K, Emyrson Flora and Mike Parker are already looking to the future.

“If this is the start of the best experience of my life, I know all the other experiences after will be great,” Lady K said. “So I’m excited.”

“Now I’m putting myself forward more and more, and I just want to keep doing that and keep building because it’s just the beginning,” Flora said.

“The one thing I wanted in this contest was to be called a country artist, not only by viewers but also for myself,” Parker said. “You know, I needed to believe it myself.”

It only gets harder from here. Next week, the top seven will become the bottom five.

This season’s finale is May 22.

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