Amber Heard’s private nurse Erin Falati describes seeing injuries after fight with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s former personal nurse said in testimony on Tuesday that she once observed the actress with a “bloody lip” after an argument with Johnny Depp, marking the first time jurors heard from a witness detailing allegations of physical abuse at the hands of the actor during their short film. – lived union.

By the end of the day, jurors had heard from an expert witness who recently analyzed Heard, who said Depp had become so jealous of James Franco that he kicked his then-wife on a plane .

In pre-recorded testimony played in court during the defamation trial between the actors on Tuesday, nurse Erin Falati recalled “visibly bright red blood appearing in the center” of Heard’s lower lip in December 2015 after the actress stated that she had had an altercation with Depp. Falati did not witness the injuries nor did he say they were inflicted by Depp, but Heard did in the past.

He was “actively bleeding,” Falati wrote in a nursing diary that was read aloud in court. She added that Heard said her head was bruised and she lost clumps of hair during an argument, although Falati did not see the hair loss when they met at the actress’s home. .

The penultimate witness called by Depp’s team in the actor’s $50 million civil defamation lawsuit in Virginia, Falati provided new insight into Heard’s mental health during his relationship with Depp, which officially ended in 2017. Throughout the high-profile lawsuit, Depp argued that Heard “devastated” her career when she wrote a 2018 Washington Post editorial in which she called herself a survivor of domestic violence, two years after seeking a restraining order against the actor.

Falati confirmed that Heard underwent surgery for an eye cyst and revisited photos showing bruises on her face. The photos were sent to Falati on May 21, 2016, when the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a 911 call after an altercation between Depp and Heard at her penthouse apartment, she testified.

Depp has long denied being abusive and insisted it was Heard who abused him during their relationship. Heard has repeatedly denied these claims, saying she only ever acted violently in self-defense. She has since counter-sued Depp for defamation, and a UK judge who oversaw a failed lawsuit by Depp against The sun concluded there was “overwhelming evidence” that he physically abused Heard and left her in fear for her life.

On Thursday, jurors heard Falati say she had never seen Depp or Heard abuse each other, nor had she seen the actress throw anything at her ex-husband, as he did. claimed. She did, however, say the actress had reported previous episodes of bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, codependency issues and occasional insomnia.

In his notes read to the court, Falati also recapped Heard’s feelings of jealousy and anxiety whenever Depp was absent on a movie set, suggesting those issues were a “constant theme” throughout their marriage.

“Nervous about being alone while her husband works on a film set in London and has expressed difficulty in dealing with feelings of insecurity and jealousy when not in the presence of her husband” , wrote Falati.

The nurse’s notes also showed Heard felt Depp was not supportive enough of her in 2014 after more than 50 of her nude photos were leaked online. According to Falati’s September 22, 2014 entry, Heard “was crying and [stated] she had a verbal argument with her fiancé [Depp] after” the actress was among a dozen female celebrities whose iClouds were hacked.

“I remember a general feeling that Ms Heard was very upset that her phone had been hacked, as it contained very sensitive information, and I feel like she was having a hard time calming down after that,” Falati said.

Depp’s legal team closed their case shortly after Falati’s testimony, concluding with a forensic accountant who estimated the actor suffered a $40 million hit following Heard’s domestic violence allegations. including what would have been a $22.5 million salary for sixth Pirates of the Caribbean.

Later Tuesday, Heard’s attorneys began presenting their own case, starting with Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist who told jurors she believed the actress suffered from a mental disorder. post-traumatic stress.

Noting that Heard was not her client, Hughes said she came to the conclusion after evaluating the actress for signs of domestic abuse over the course of 29 hours.

“The overarching opinion is that Miss Heard’s report on intimate partner violence…is consistent with what we know in the area of ​​intimate partner violence,” Hughes said. “Miss Heard demonstrated very clear psychological traumatic effects.”

Hughes testified crucially that she believed PTSD was caused at least in part by ‘Mr. Depp’s domestic abuse’, as well as three statements made by the actor’s former lawyer which basically dealt with the actress of a liar.

The forensic psychologist’s conclusion contrasted sharply with Depp’s expert witness, Dr. Shannon Curry. Curry argued last week that Heard did not have PTSD and was “grossly exaggerating the symptoms”.

Curry, who did not examine Depp, said Heard showed signs of borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Hughes — who also testified on behalf of prosecutors against R. Kelly and NXIVM founder Keith Raniere — said Tuesday that Heard told him that Depp had suffered physical, psychological and sexual abuse during their relationship. According to Hughes, Depp was inclined to exercise “coercive control” over the actress, who told the psychologist she was “subjected to sexual abuse”.

“He threw her on the bed, ripped off her nightgown and tried to have sex with her,” Hughes testified in recalling one of Heard’s allegations. In another harrowing case, according to Hughes, Depp allegedly raped Heard with a bottle while the couple were in Australia.

The forensic psychologist also said that Depp allegedly “pushed Heard, he pushed her, he slapped her with the front and the back of his hand, he choked her, he slammed her against the wall, he pushed her, and when she fell, he kicked her in the back.

The expert witness – who was not seeing Heard at the time of the alleged incidents and noted that she had not witnessed them herself – also said Depp had become violently jealous of James Franco. Back when Heard and Franco were working on the film Adderall’s logs, Hughes said Heard told him Depp got jealous of the actor while on a flight with his wife from Boston to Los Angeles.

“‘I hope you had fun with your escapades,'” Depp told Heard, according to Hughes, who added that the actress said Depp “kicked her in the back and ‘she had gone ahead’.

While Depp and Heard’s sides have focused on proving their client wasn’t abusive – and the other was – jurors will ultimately be tasked with deciding whether Heard acted with “genuine malice” when she wrote the To post editorial. This means the actress knew what she wrote in the play was wrong. Jurors will also have to decide whether Heard published the article with a “reckless disregard” for the truth about the pirate star.

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