Amazon Kindle Review 2022 and How to Get It 50% Off for Amazon Prime Day

Best of all, I can pack it knowing I won’t run out of reading material – once I’m done, I can find a Wi-Fi signal and download the next book. It’s a long way from when I had to pack the whole thing The three-body problem series for a vacation in Europe, each of the three books weighing as much as a small toddler. (Come for the aliens, stay for the aliens.) If anything, that’s how I was able to bounce back after Song of Achilles with Pachinko– which, in retrospect, was a terrible idea and led to a full month of crying.

The ideal table companion

What’s also a game changer is that you can connect it to your local library. I’m a cardholder of the New York Public Library, and thanks to the magic of technology (and the Libby app), I can now hold or borrow Kindle-compatible ebooks for $0; I just downloaded them to my Kindle via a link. Libraries are essential for democracy and also for me, and it is really rewarding to be able to (a) read for free, and (b) support my local branch.

And yes, while I could absolutely put on some pants and head to the library myself, the convenience of doing it all from the comfort of my couch makes it all the more appealing. Even better? The library automatically returns the e-book on the due date, i.e. without fine.

That said, I own the Kindle OG, which is the most basic version of the game. Would I at some point like to upgrade to the Paperwhite version which warms or cools the whiteness of the page depending on time of day? Absolutely. Would I appreciate not having corny book ads on the lock screen? Yes – and I might well, seeing this everything Kindles are getting a sweet, sweet discount for Amazon Prime Day 2022.

But in the end, my Kindle does what it needs to: it gives me the books I want to read, whenever and wherever I go. If that’s not a luxury, I don’t know what is.

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Deanna Pai is a beauty editor in New York. Follow her on Instagram @deannapai.

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