Alpha Dog Nutrition Paw Relief: New Equipment Review

Paw Relief was designed to rehydrate and restore your dog’s dry, cracked and sore paw pads.

We ask so much of our dogs and all they ask in return is that we continue to keep them happy and healthy. And while there are certain terrains and places that punish both our dogs and us a little more than others, your dog’s paws are susceptible to beatings no matter where you live and hunt.

Watch the video below to see Paw Relief in action!

Protect & Preserve

Paw Relief was designed to rehydrate and restore your dog’s dry, cracked and sore paw pads. This specially formulated blend is made with all-natural beeswax and essential oils that contain pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial ingredients in a safe, non-toxic formula.

There are two ways this product may benefit your dog’s overall health and pad integrity. Apply it to their feet before a hunting or training session to provide a protective barrier against debris, chemicals and bacteria. Then, if you notice your dog’s pads are cracked or torn, Paw Relief can be applied to help ward off harmful bacteria as well as moisturize and soothe pain. Dog owners are also finding other ways to use this product on chapped noses and hot spots.

The remedy ready at any time

Whether you live in western, arid, rocky terrain where everything sticks, scratches or scrapes your dog’s feet, or you hunt late-season long-tailed roosters and seek to avoid snow buildup and ice on their paws, Paw Relief will serve to both protect and maintain the health of your dog’s paw pads and keep them in good shape.

This newly available product comes in one and two ounce cans and a 2.65 ounce stick, all of which are convenient and easy to use. Keep one at home or in the truck and stash another in your training bag or field vest to deal with any injury that occurs outdoors.

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