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She Cecil

Working uniquely with business owners on a proactive and ongoing basis, Optimized Accounting builds a personalized service package for each client, including all the “meat and potato” services that clients require during the fiscal year.

Having recently celebrated its seventh anniversary, Optimized Accounting is driven by always being one step ahead. By bundling its services, the company shares the responsibility with its clients by ensuring that everything is done on time every time and that there are no unpleasant tax surprises at the end of the financial year.

Optimized Accounting has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award at the 2022 Wyndham Business Awards. The awards celebrate business entrepreneurs, innovators and hard-working operators and highlight the achievements of leading Wyndham companies in key industry sectors.

Adopting a Kaizen or continuous improvement philosophy, Optimized Accounting ensures that it is always looking for ways for its clients to improve their business, which in turn improves Optimized Accounting as a whole.

“Our greatest achievement has been developing and mentoring local business owners over the past seven years and building a fantastic, tight-knit team of six who have the passion and skills to adapt to anything. what the world throws at us,” says Tegan Graham, of Optimized Accounting’s customer experience team.

“Many accountants talk about being trustworthy and great at tax, but for us that’s just the price of entry – we believe impeccable customer service is at the very heart of our business.

“We also boast an impressive 99% on-time filing metric with the Australian Taxation Office, which we have managed to maintain throughout the pandemic – our internal processes ensure that no client falls through the cracks as we stay in conversation with our customers about exactly what needs to be done and when. »

Optimized Accounting is located at 277 Heaths Road, Werribee. For more information, email [email protected], telephone (03) 8609 9226 or visit

Entries for the Wyndham Business Awards close Friday, June 3 for Category Awards and Friday, June 17 for the People’s Choice Awards. To enter or nominate a business for an award, visit:

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