‘Aimless, Feckless, Hopeless’: Eddie Mair Explores Boris Johnson’s Writing Career

January 11, 2022, 7:09 PM

Eddie Mair dug into the Prime Minister’s written work to see if he’s published anything that might sum up the situation he’s in.

After a day of serious criticism of the Prime Minister amid the news of a Downing Street get-together, Eddie Mair came up with an alternative way of approaching the subject.

“Boris Johnson had the benefit of a very expensive education,” noted Eddie Mair, pointing out that the prime minister is a scholar in Ancient Greek.

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Eddie did some outdoor work to see if there’s anything in it [Boris Johnson’s] lexicon” to describe the situation he finds himself in as Partygate embroils the Prime Minister in yet another scandal.

He decided to see if “something he’s said about other people applies to how he is now.”

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“Could we describe him as a tank top booty? Well no, you should never describe someone like that.’

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Eddie then wondered if a 2004 comment about Liverpudlians could be used to explain the situation: “Can we say he’s addicted to grief? No, we can’t.”

However, he noted that “there has been a lot of grief in this country in its handling of the pandemic.”

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‘Can we call him a bank robber? And a letterbox?’

He ended the observation with what he thought might be the best description.

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When he wrote about working class or working class workers in 1995, he had this to say. Tell me if you think this applies to Boris Johnson.”

“He’s probably drunk, criminal, aimless, worthless and hopeless.

“You tell me.”


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