Advocate for direct bus travel between Altona North and Spotswood

By Matthew Sims

West Metropolitan MP Catherine Cumming has asked Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll to look into the possibility of introducing a direct bus route from Altona North to Spotswood station to absorb the extra demand which will should happen as a result of the arrival of new residents in the neighborhood. 15 and 16 developments.

Speaking in state parliament on Tuesday, August 2, she questioned whether this was a possible option for western bus infrastructure.

“These developments are in North Altona and South Kingsville and when completed in a few years will add an additional 10,000 residents to the area,” she said.

“There is currently a bus route, the 432, which runs from Yarraville to the Altona Gate Mall and back to Newport, and there is also the 471 bus route, which runs from Williamstown to Altona Gate.

“With so many residents added to this pocket, it makes sense that a bus route would be more direct and, once again, ease the pressure from Newport station and transport residents to Spotswood and the immediate local area.”

Rowena Joske, secretary of Better West and a resident of Altona North, said the residents’ group supports the establishment of a direct bus route from Altona North to Spotswood station well before the completion of the enclosure development 15.

“At the moment that area is really car dependent,” she said.

“It will really create a lot of traffic in our area.

“We would like to see frequent bus services and direct bus services.”

Ms Joske said Better West supports the Hobsons Bay Transportation Planning Study (HBTPS) and Altona North Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) goals to make improvements to public transportation to and from the city. ‘Altona North.

Hobsons Bay councilor Daria Kellander said the increase in population in the area will lead to the need for a more direct bus service.

“I personally believe that more direct bus service to nearby stations will be needed in the future to accommodate Ward 15’s growing population,” she said.

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