Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services investigators protect vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation by coordinating with mental health, public health, law enforcement, probate courts, the seniors, community groups and the general public.

If you suspect abuse, neglect or exploitation, call 855-444-3911 at any time of the day or night to make a report. Staff will investigate the allegations within 24 hours of receiving the report.

Vulnerable: A condition in which an adult is unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect or exploitation due to mental or physical impairment or advanced age.

Abuse: Harm or threat of harm to the health or well-being of an adult caused by another person. Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional.

Neglect: Damage to the health or well-being of an adult caused by the adult’s inability to react to a harmful situation (self-neglect) or the conduct of a person who assumes responsibility for an important aspect of adult health or well-being.

Operation: Abuse of an adult’s funds, property or personal dignity by another person.

For more information, contact your local Department of Social Services office.

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