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Rapper Action Bronson, the artist behind the AEW Hook star’s theme song “The Chairman’s Intent,” sat down with Ariel Helwani to talk Hook using his song. Bronson revealed how the whole arrangement for Hook to use the song was made, stating that he had known Hook’s father, Taz, for a long time due to being an ECW fan.

After they finally practiced together, Hook asked Bronson if he could use the song as his entrance theme, and Bronson was more than happy to let him.

“I’ve known Taz for a while,” Bronson said. “He knew I was a fan. I think I did the Bully Ray podcast, or maybe I told Taz a story about when Bully threatened to smack me, or beat shit and called me big fk when i was in ecw when i was young i was going to ecw when i was 13 my mom used to drive us, me and my friends at the Elks Lodge was the craziest thing ever.

“We (Taz and I) exchanged numbers at one point and we were texting from time to time like, ‘yo, we need to get you in the ring to practice.’ So I went to Long Island to practice. Hook’s been a fan since he was younger and he loved that song and wanted to use it. I was like, ‘brother, be my guest, please. please.’

Asked by Helwani if ​​AEW should pay to have the song played, Bronson revealed that the promotion pays a fee to Bronson’s former label, Atlantic Records. Bronson himself, however, says he didn’t make much of the money, as he’s just happy to see Hook using the song.

“I didn’t pay much attention to the type of money. I don’t give a damn about that,” Bronson said. “I just wanted him to use it. They still have to, because it’s not mine, it’s on Atlantic Records, they had to pay I guess a little royalty or whatever. But through me, I don’t want anything from them.

You can watch the full interview below.

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