Acclaimed New Toronto Restaurant Closes Permanently After Investors Pull the Plug

A Toronto restaurant that just opened last year has now closed permanently after what should have been a temporary hiatus.

Although Crosley’s was initially born as a lockdown project that started as a series of pop-ups in wine bar Piquette, unfortunately it is further lockdowns that have forced it to close.

The restaurant was known for its wine selection and sophisticated multi-course menus made with locally sourced ingredients.

“Due to the impact of Covid on the business, our financial partners have decided not to further fund the operation,” the restaurant wrote in a message on Instagram on Jan. 11.

Other prominent restaurants and chefs in the city responded to the post almost immediately.

“The city has lost a pearl,” restaurant Milou wrote. “Sorry to hear the news. The best of the best. You beat it,” wrote local chef Matt Ravenscroft. Pizzeria Badiali responded with heart emojis.

“You put so much heart and effort into everything,” commented Christina Veira, co-owner of Bar Mordecai. “In such a difficult year I often walked past your soulful and bustling terrace and gained so much inspiration. Often disappointments open the way to even greater successes.”

Myles Harrison and chef Joachim Hayward of Crosley’s also took to their own personal Instagram accounts to let people know about the shutdown.

Hayward wrote that he and Harrison “envisioned it as a place where people could come to lose the weight of the world during an incredibly fleeting moment in history for just a hot second…to focus on nothing but good food.” , good service, good wine, and good company.”

Crosleys Toronto

Myles Harrison and Chef Joachim Hayward of Crosley’s.

“Emotions are high and frustrations are real,” Harrison wrote. “That said, I really believe in what we’ve accomplished together and am grateful to be able to collaborate, create and explore with the people I love. Stay positive and look to the future.”

Both thanked everyone who supported them during the short time Crosley’s was open. The last day the restaurant was open was December 23.

“I’m still not sure exactly what led to the shutdown that Joe and I communicated by email on the 28th,” Harrison tells blogTO.

“We were in a better place to handle the potential of a lockdown than the others we’ve been through. All I know is 20 people are out of work, and a nine-inch plywood wall preventing me from getting my data back.” to get .”


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