A train traveler receives a surprise offer at Euston station

Euston Station was the unlikely location for a romantic proposal as a long-distance couple got engaged at one of the UK’s busiest interchanges.

As commuters went about their business around them, Nirmal Chohan, who lives in London, knelt in front of the departure boards when his girlfriend Vidya Patel arrived at the station during a visit from his home in Birmingham.

As a long-distance couple, it’s a place the pair have met dozens of times over the years since they first met in 2014.

Network Rail and Avanti West Coast staff were involved in the preparations (Avanti West Coast)

“The railway has played a big part in our relationship,” said Mr Chohan, 27.

“Trains and Euston station collectively made the distance in our relationship less of a hindrance, and more of a warm, welcoming place where I knew I would always see her again.

“Euston has a lot of positive experiences, at times it felt like a Bollywood movie, with the hustle and bustle of people, trains left, right and center and then me trying to woo the love of my life.”

Nirmal Chohan and Vidya Patel with their family at Euston station
Family members were there to celebrate with the couple (Avanti West Coast/PA)

As Mr Chohan proposed, one of the station signs above him displayed the words: “Vidya Patel, will you marry me?”

And after Ms Patel, 26, said yes, the council posted a congratulatory message to the couple.

Family members of Mr Chohan and Ms Patel were also present to attend the occasion, unbeknownst to the bride-to-be.

Mr Chohan said: “It has been a dream to plan this surprise.

“The fact that the proposal is happening in such circumstances, with both families present, is really special.

Nirmal Chohan and Vidya Patel hug each other
Nirmal Chohan compared Euston’s hustle and bustle to a Bollywood movie (Avanti West Coast)

“None of this would have been possible without their help, and that of Avanti West Coast and Network Rail, so I will always be grateful for that.”

Kathrin Pranga-Wells, Avanti West Coast Main Station Manager at London Euston, said: “When we heard of Nirmal’s plans to propose at Euston, we were keen to make it a momentous occasion.

“It was exciting to play our part in this special surprise and wink at the railroad that has connected the couple for years – we loved seeing the joy and excitement on everyone’s faces!

“We wish Nirmal and Vidya a happy engagement and all the best for their life together.”

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