A monograph brings together dozens of happy, anxious and relatable characters by artist Jean Jullien

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“Pepe the Weekender” (2018), produced for Lieux Mouvants. Image © Nicole Zezig. All images courtesy of Phaidon, shared with permission

It is easy to recognize the quirky and joyful characters of the French artist Jean Jullien. Whether towering over a park or adorning a deck of cards, his dodgy dogs, grinning fish and mischievous tree climbers are cartoonish in style and emotionally remarkable with their anxious expressions and cheerful gestures. A forthcoming monograph published by Phaidon celebrates Jullien’s vast body of work, which spans public sculpture, illustration and design. In addition to his most beloved projects, the 256-page volume also contains early sketches and previously unreleased pieces. John Julien shipped May 25 by Bookshop.

Vivi (70 3/4 inches), Bruno (66 7/8 inches) Lili (55 1/8 inches), (2019), acrylic paint on aluminum. Photo © Jean Jullien Studio, courtesy of NANZUKA

“Dog Bench” (2019), limited edition metal bench made with Case Studyo. Image © case study

Sculpture for The People show (2017), fiberglass, 4 7/8 feet. Image © Computer Graphic Plus Co., Ltd.

Photo collage for a report published in National Geographic (April/May 2018). Image © the artist and Jean Jullien Studio

#books #public art #sculpture

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