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Debbie Katz never tires of her volunteer work as Shadchan…a Jewish matchmaker.

Debbie Katz

She has been a matchmaker and event coordinator for over 30 years in Sydney.

Debbie told J-Wire, “I started by inviting Jewish singles to my apartment and treating them to a home-cooked kosher meal. The system I used was to turn 30-40 on the first Friday night of the month. The second Friday night I hosted the 40-50s and the third Friday night I hosted the 50+.

I was overwhelmed with attendees and started building a waiting list. My apartment couldn’t hold the number of people asking to come and it hurt to turn them down. So I decided to hold individual Jewish receptions in the halls of the synagogue.

She used facilities at South Head Synagogue and Central Synagogue in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Once again, the number increased, and she began to turn away potential guests again.

She continued: “In 2010 I organized the first National Jewish Singles Weekend in Melbourne. Three hundred people attended the event. So the following year I did another National Jewish Singles Weekend in Sydney. And again I was overwhelmed with the number of people who signed up for the weekend.

My goal is not only to help Jewish singles find their partner, but I try to fight intermarriage which is at an all time high.

COVID sabotaged Debbie’s events for Jewish singles, so she couldn’t host an event for two years.

She said: “Now that we have regained our freedom, I have decided to take the initiative to organize another event.

I’m hosting this event because I’ve had so many desperate Jewish singles call me asking if I know someone to introduce them to.

But what “tipped the scales” was when a beautiful Jewish woman from another state was dating a Muslim because she couldn’t find a Jewish man.

Her brother had heard of me as a shadchan and approached me in a synagogue begging me to find a Jewish man for his sister.

After contacting her and receiving a few photos, I was shocked. Here is a beautiful, professional Jewish woman who was “going out of the fold”. I contacted another shadchan while working with shadchans all over Australia in this lady’s state and together we found this lady two men.

Fortunately, this charming Jewish lady is currently being pursued by one of these men.

With the support of Rabbi Eli Feldman, Debbie organizes a “High Tea at Newtown” for the 40s to 60s on July 24 at Newtown Synagogue

For those interested email Debbie at [email protected]

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