A bit of AM fog, then clearing and warm | WDVM25 and DCW50

After warming up nicely, we ended the weekend on a slightly soggy note. These showers have since disappeared, but in their wake there is a good bit of fog this morning. This fog is especially dense in places that saw more regular rain yesterday, primarily in western MD and the Eastern Panhandle. By mid-morning this fog and any remaining low clouds will dissipate and then it will turn into an amazing day. Expect high temperatures to hit the upper 70s with good sunshine, and we should stay dry and comfortable tonight as well with lows well into the 50s.

Today will be the exception to what will otherwise be an unstable week ahead. Multiple waves of low pressure will take a similar path to yesterday’s system just over our region, or just to our south. The next system will arrive Tuesday evening, with clouds rising rapidly through the day Tuesday. We should stay dry at least until late evening with showers remaining until a warm front passes. We won’t see heavy rain, but intermittent showers will be in play until Wednesday morning. A brief bit of high pressure will then roll in from the north for some sunshine during the day Wednesday, and this will likely be our last warmer day of the week before cooler air arrives along with more rain.

A stronger low will approach with a cold front on Thursday, and this system has some question marks with it. One model has this system moving very fast, with a steady dose of rain on Friday, then drier conditions over the weekend. A few other patterns are running at a slower pace with this system, with showers likely on Friday and Saturday. Given that we’ve had a slower overall trend lately, as well as a slower pace being more likely in these warmer months, the second solution seems most likely. Expect lots of clouds and cooler temperatures to arrive slowly on Thursday before we get soggy over the weekend. If this develops as expected, we should make a very solid dent in our recent dry conditions. For Mother’s Day we’re going to clean up but staying cool.

Good week start !

7-day forecast:

Monday: Dense and scattered fog at first with clear skies later. Winds: WNW 5-10 mph, High: 77 (74-80)

Monday evening: Partly cloudy sky. Winds: Light N, Low: 52 (48-55)

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with possible showers late. Winds: SE 8-12 mph, High: 75 (71-78), Low: 58 (55-61)

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with showers in the morning. Highs will be in the high 70s with lows in the upper mid 50s.

Thursday: Rather cloudy sky. Highs will be in the upper 60s to lower 70s with lows in the 50s.

Friday: Cloudy with showers. Highs will be in the 60s with lows in the lower to mid 50s.

Saturday: Cloudy with rain. Highs will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s with lows in the upper 40s to lower 50s.

Mother’s Day: Partially cloudy sky. Highs will be in the lower to mid 60s with lows in the mid to upper 40s.

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