9 Frozen Meal Delivery Services That Make Dinners Quick and Easy

While meal kits can make dinner time easier, save on trips to the grocery store and chop up ingredients, they still require time and effort. Enter frozen meal delivery, because when juggling work, childcare, and/or life in general, it puts a lot on your plate, and makes even basic recipes seem time-consuming and insurmountable. And the frozen meals you can have are not the ones you might have in mind when you think of this meal option. A new batch of companies is serving up delicious dishes, often engineered by chefs, reheating in minutes, and solving the problem of what to eat for dinner — fast. There is no preparatory work, and most importantly, simple cleaning.

even better? Many of these new companies selling healthy frozen meals ship the appetizers in recyclable packaging and have myriad options for most dietary restrictions or tastes.

From vegan to diabetic diet-friendly and more, read all you need to know about the best frozen meal delivery services out there. Click the ship and eat!

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daily harvest

Why is it worth it: Daily Harvest started in 2014 as a weekly or monthly beverage delivery service and has since expanded to sell soups, flatbreads, bowls, and other prepared foods that can feed you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything—from sweet potatoes and wild rice hash bowl to artichokes, spinach, mint bread, and cocoa—focuses on organic fruits and vegetables. Also, not surprisingly given this list, everything is frozen, specifically with the goal of locking in as many antioxidants as possible while the product is at its peak freshness. If you’ve got many mouths to feed, new this year are Daily Harvest’s four Harvest Bakes, ready-to-bake dishes like chickpea and coconut curries made with vegetables, grains, spices, and sauces you can add to the oven and share in just 30 minutes. Everything on the Daily Harvest menu is vegan and gluten-free. Some items are also free of allergens or paleo.


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