7 TV pilot mics that will be filming in Vancouver

A selection of pilots filmed in Vancouver in 2022-23 have been picked up by various networks. Here’s what’s ahead for ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO Max, and Netflix.

What is a TV pilot?

A Pilot is the first episode of a hopeful television series. It’s used to sell the show’s network and audience, with the goal being a series order (known as a “pick-up”). Spring/Summer is the pilot season for network television and when networks decide to order more episodes or air them. The pilots are a test (so not set in stone) and it’s not uncommon for changes to be made after a pilot, from the casting to the name of the show.


Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank is a broken-down journalist who moves to Anchorage and takes over the local paper, digging deep into the stories of missing women. The show would get a prime spot on Thursday nights on ABC’s schedule.

So help me Todd

This series has already seen some changes (the title was previously Mom & Son and Geena Davis left the series, replaced by Marcia Gay Harden). The changes must have worked because he got an order from CBS, starring Skylar Astin as an aimless private detective who goes to work with his mother at her successful law firm.

land of fire

Set in Northern California (and filmed in British Columbia and previously called Cal Fire), Bode Donavan is a prisoner who participates in a work release program that allows him to train as a firefighter and work in his troublesome hometown. Will air Fridays on CBS this fall.

quantum leap

Quantum Leap rocked Vancouver this spring with its elaborate movie sets. This is the first show NBC has picked up for the fall season. Starring Raymond Lee, it’s a reboot of the popular 1990s series and, according to Deadline, could get a top spot on the NBC schedule, airing after The Voice.


This workplace comedy will consist of 10 episodes and will star Randall Park and Melissa Fumero. As this is a Netflix production and streaming platforms do not adhere to traditional network schedules, a release date is TBD. The series ended in early May after filming in Kitsilano.

The irrational

Irrational star Jesse Williams has had a lot of time in Vancouver thanks to his stint as Captain Joe West on The Flash. He continues to work on the West Coast with this adaptation of the novel “Predictably Irrational”. Williams plays a behavioral scientist who works on high-profile criminal cases and is challenged by a domestic terrorist. (Flash fans fear not, because he’ll do several more episodes, according to The Wrap.) Airing on NBC this fall.

dead boy detective

Based on the DC Comics series by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner, two boys decide not to enter the afterlife and instead investigate supernatural crimes with their living friend. There are no details on a Canadian release date yet.

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