5 latest trends are redefining the fitness industry in India

To embrace technical breakthroughs, we must leverage technology in sectors around the world, including the healthcare sector. Today, technology can be found almost everywhere, from cell phones to cars. Likewise, the use of technology in the fitness sector is making positive progress and improving the industry by helping users. It is essential to keep an eye on cutting-edge technology.

The pandemic has changed our way of life. Indians have embraced roadblocks and become accustomed to the “new normal”. Despite the disruption of the pandemic, rapid advances have revolutionized the virtual world, including wellness and fitness, creating incredible insights, insights and opportunities.

On the fitness front, a new generation of fitness fanatics has emerged. The pandemic has accelerated the demand for virtual fitness classes and connected home fitness equipment. The fitness industry will continue to retain a virtual component – a phenomenon with exponential market potential.

With the new normal in mind, here are the trends to watch to redefine the industry.

Trends that are redefining the fitness industry in India:

Connected fitness devices

Twenty years ago, our phones weren’t smart; Every phone today is a smart phone. The fitness industry is also going to see this change with fitness equipment. All equipment such as bikes, rowers, treadmills and ellipticals will start to be connected, allowing access to classes, competing with friends, training with world-class instructors and training. belong to a community – all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Modern fitness technology that makes it possible to feel like you’re in a gym in the comfort of your own home is becoming increasingly popular.

Virtual fitness options don’t just replace the in-person experience for those who are already active. They have also made fitness more accessible in various ways such as access in rural areas, eliminating the high cost of in-person training, etc.

Wearable Technology: Fit and Health Indicators

Wearable device technology is gaining popularity in India and the segment will become a prominent player in the Indian consumer electronics market. There are a variety of wearable gadgets available in the Indian market, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, and internet-enabled glasses. Fitness trackers are increasingly capable of analyzing characteristics such as body temperature, stress levels, sleep and heart rate.

Wearables and activity trackers will remain popular in 2022, but their applications will extend beyond fitness.

artificial intelligence in fitness

“Health is wealth! The fitness industry will put more emphasis on technology in 2022, as expected.

We live in a time of great inventions. Implementable AI-powered data empowers marketers to deliver smart fitness and wellness products. There are now various platforms that provide live trainers and AI-enabled monitoring to track workouts in real-time, making them more consumer-friendly. With revolutionary fitness gadgets that make home workouts smarter and better. Artificial intelligence has changed the fitness industry. Besides smart wearable devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and others that can help measure fitness. AI personal trainers are growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate.

Increase in trades

The sector is currently experiencing a significant leap across the globe, and nutritionists and pediatricians are eager to adapt in order to deliver a big boost in the years to come. Online fitness coaching has become a profitable business and an attractive traditional career option, in no time some are applying to become certified trainers and even earn specialist fitness certificates by taking online fitness courses.

embrace wholeness

In 2022, the need to focus on our mental and physical health benefits the fitness industry. Humans are increasingly turning to companies that provide holistic solutions and offerings, such as online exercise, yoga classes, and meditation. Management clearly demonstrates how change enables the core sector to grow.

To summarize !

The future is, in the truest sense, unpredictable! Keeping an eye on the trends driving the fitness industry and commerce will help in the potential growth of the fitness base.

Accordingly, the restructuring and rise of digital in the Indian fitness sector, helping people to embrace wellness and join the fitness revolution remotely while driving growth, is both heartening and intriguing. Training centers, recreation facilities, and gyms were once the only places fitness enthusiasts gathered, interacted, and even formed friendships. As consumers approach a new normal, the global outlook on health and fitness will adapt and evolve.

Ms. Rhea Nihal Singh Anand – Co-founder of Flexnest, India’s first Fit Tech start-up creating smart connected fitness solutions for the Indian market.



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