4 Nutrient-Dense Breakfast Ideas, From A Health Coach

Toast is one of those dishes that can come together quickly, with plenty of room for healthy culinary improvisation. And while having a loaf of sourdough bread at home is non-negotiable, I also diversify my bread intake with different types of delicious whole-grain options.

My morning toast is topped with dark chocolate (yes, chocolate), a proven combination packed with cocoa’s antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals like zinc and magnesium.

To prepare, put a slice of your favorite bread in the toaster oven and top it with a few squares of dark chocolate (I recommend choosing an ethical, high-quality chocolate option with 70% cocoa or more). Be sure to keep an eye on your toast, you want the chocolate to melt, not burn. Once out of the oven, finish your toast with the creative toppings of your choice. My favorites are sea salt, sliced ​​almonds, chopped dried apricots or fresh berries.

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