3 cats on Vancouver Island hold owners’ blender hostage for a month

In a standoff that has lasted nearly a month, three cats in Langford, in southern Vancouver Island, have attempted to claim ownership of a blender box — a saga that has captivated social media users around the world.

It all started on December 16, according to Nikii Gerson-Neeves, one of the members of the trio, when she brought in a new Vitamix blender and left the unopened, knee-high box on the kitchen floor.

Her four-year-old tuxedo cat, Max, immediately jumped on the box and stunned Nikii’s wife Jessica, who took a photo and uploaded it to a Facebook group that celebrates fat cats.

By morning, the situation had escalated: Max’s two 13-year-old siblings, George (Destroyer of Worlds) and Lando Calrissian, were also interested in the Vitamix box. From that point on, Nikii says, things got out of hand.

“We’re sneaking in for a month. It’s just been a month, which is ridiculous,” Jessica said.

It’s a month when the couple was taken from the blender as their three fluff balls, all rescue cats, take turns sitting on their box sticks and Facebook page explode in popularity.

“When we started the page we have for the cats on Facebook, he had about 50 followers, something like that,” said Nikii. “[Now] more than 19,000 people follow the page.”

Max, George and Lando have made their household famous with tales of the cats’ antics that extend beyond the shores of Vancouver Island.

“There are people who say, ‘Hey, from Italy!’, ‘We saw this on our news in Australia,'” Jessica said. “Like?”

“Someone recently sent us a message that was translated into Chinese… it’s everywhere,” said Nikii.

“Cat videos go viral all the time. You just never expect it to be your cats.”

George (Destroyer of Worlds) is seen occupying the blender box while his two siblings lie dejectedly on the floor. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

bait boxes

After being robbed of their expensive blender for days, the couple hatched a plan to get the cats off their new throne: contact Vitamix and get some dummy boxes.

“We thought they might get a kick out of how much the cats had fallen in love with this,” Jessica said. “If they decide to send…three empty boxes along, great, everyone involved will have a great laugh.”

That’s exactly what the company did.

The pair are now in the process of beefing up the upcycled boxes so the three feline warriors don’t fall through — a disastrous outcome for the Gerson-Neeves’ smoothie and soup plans.

“The second one falls through a bait box… it’s over,” Jessica said. “No one ever gets anything but the real box again.”

The pair now have a few bait boxes to eventually try to get their blender away from their three cats, but have only fortified one so far, with Lando and Max occupying two other thrones. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

make people happy

The battle for the Vitamix box was a much-needed distraction amid the cycle of grim news in the province, according to the pair.

“Of course we’re not really held hostage, we can move the cats whenever we want,” Jessica said. “This is about having something sweet and fun and grills and silly.”

“There was this lady who said, ‘I’m a COVID nurse in an ICU, and every day before I get out of the car to go to work, I read the last post and I laugh.'”

The month-long feud between the three cats has occasionally been accompanied by violence. Here Max is pawing at Lando to try and get on top of the Vitamix box. (Jessica Gerson-Neeves)

Jessica says she wants people to contribute to their local animal rescue and adopt their own cats if they can.

“It’s not big and consistent. It’s traditionally not newsworthy,” Nikki added.

“It’s not much at stake, but it makes people happy and that’s a good thing.”

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