2021 census data shows women outnumber men in south east London

According to new census data, women and girls outnumber men and boys in all but 13 local authorities in England and Wales.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a record 59.6 million people currently living in England and Wales.

This means that there has been an increase of over 3.5 million in population compared to the latest census data from 2011.

Women now outnumber men in almost all regions of the country, with only 13 communes where there are more men than women.

There are 30,420,100 women (51% of the total population) and 29,177,200 men (49%) in England and Wales.

The report shows the highest number of women and girls are in Bromley with a total of 171,700.

So what do the numbers look like in South East London?


In Bexley, there are 128,000 women compared to 118,500 men.

That’s a difference of 9,500.


In Lewisham there are 157,800 women and 142,700 men.

That’s a difference of 15,100.


In Bromley there are 171,700 women and 158,200 men.

That’s a difference of 13,500.


In Greenwich, there are 148,600 women and 140,700 men.

That’s a difference of 7,900.

This shows that there are a total of 606,100 women in the mentioned areas of South East London.

Elsewhere in the UK, Luton, Cambridge and West Suffolk are the only other local authorities where men outnumber women.

The local authorities with the highest percentage of women are all in London – with Kensington and Chelsea (53.3%) ahead of Hammersmith (53.1%) and Camden (52.6%).

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