139 Times People Spotted Something “Slightly Interesting” And Documented It For The Internet To See

When we continue to be bombarded by the 24/7 news cycle filled with intimidating headlines and compelling stories, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information. Suddenly, you become weary, confused and convinced that nothing will surprise you anymore. But if so, this article is here to show you that there are many inspiring things happening in the world as well.

There is an absolutely delicious corner on the Internet that amazes us every day. Yes, we are talking about the slightly interesting subreddit. This powerhouse with over 19.8 million members is on a mission to document and share entertaining stuff from their daily routines to make everyone’s jaws drop. Gently.

We can never get enough of that fine line between stunning and boring, just take a look at our previous compilations here, here and here. So we thought it was time to comb through the page and round up the latest feature of their best latest photos. Keep scrolling, vote for your favorites as you go, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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